Pipes for mining and oil production

For mining applications, sturdy plastic pipes with diameters above 800 millimeters are manufactured on our extruders. These extremely long-lasting pipes are primarily used in the oil production, natural gas and metal ores. There is a continuous, strong demand especially in the areas of iron ore mining for steel production and copper ore mining for electrical appliances and telecommunication products.

There are definite advantages: certainly the steel pipes previously used in mining offer a longer service life than the plastic pipes commonly used today. However, plastic pipes minimize sound levels, for example in mining and transporting iron ore, and prevent contamination by abrasion, which is why thick-walled large-diameter pipes made of PE 100 are standard today.

Plastic pipes are also used in oil production and natural gas production through fracking, and for cooling PE splitting machines.

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Large diameter PO pipe for industrial applications
Large diameter PO pipe for industrial applications
Large diameter PO pipe for mining applications
PO pipe for fracking applications

Our products for manufacturing pipes for mining and oil production


solEX NG

Higher output, lower costs, less energy consumption

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The high-performance extruder for PE-HD and PP pipe extrusion

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The all-rounder single screw extruders

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GL extruders

Gearless (GL) single screw extruder series with high-torque drive concept

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Flexible single screw extruders for co-extrusion

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helix II PO Pipe toolings and coat coating dies

Customized mono- and multi-layer toolings for a various customer needs

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Downstream & Systems

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Green Pipe concept

The innovative concept for energy efficient pipe production

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FDC fast dimension change in pipe extrusion

Complete lines for quick, in-line dimension change from a single source

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Vacuum tanks for the PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Belt and caterpillar haul-offs for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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rollStream and tiltStream

Roller beds and tip tables for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Cutting units for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Controls & Automation

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BCtouch UX Controls

Perfectly controlled processes for every application

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Complete lines for pipe extrusion & special pipe applications

You will find more detailed information about the applications for our extrusion technology in our brochures.

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